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My name is Christianna Davenport and there have been a LOT of ringworm outbreaks crop up in my lifetime. As an advocate of quick & easy ways for the average person to conquer ringworm, it is my goal to see that all ringworm victims are properly prepared to do just that, so I'd like to share some knowledge with you, free of charge.

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  • why ringworm can grow undetected by failing to display the cardinal features...
  • The incubation period for various types of ringworm - and how you can have it without knowing it...
  • Why you may have something other than ringworm if you're complaining in one of these regions (It cannot grow there)!
  • Why you should not rule out ringworm, even if you cannot find another person from whom you may have gotten it...
  • 5 fool-proof ways to avoid ringworm!
  • A major reason for treatment failure - and how you can very easily ensure you're not the next victim...
  • A unique, and very simple, method for treating ringworm quickly and cost-effectively...
  • What can happen if you do not treat ringworm (Hint - it will surprise you)...
  • The relatively common form of ringworm that "flies under the radar" since it's believed to be something other than ringworm!
  • The more prolific form of ringworm and how you can cure and prevent this common menace...
  • Much, much more!


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